One area (e.g. frown lines only)  £185

Two areas ( e.g. frown lines and forehead wrinkles)  £220

Three areas £265

Four areas ( all above plus, bunny lines or chin dimples or smokers lines)  £285

Depending on the type of fillers we use and the amount injected to achieve the desired results. For example

Juvaderm voluma 1ml £250       2ml £400

Belotero Balance  1ml £198       2ml £348

Liquid Facelift  From £550

PDO thread lifts  £1200

PDO threads for rejuvenation  Only £700

Full face £122.50

Full face & neck £175.00

Full face , neck and decolletage  £200

When you buy a course of 3 sessions you get one session free (ie for full face 4 sessions at only £367.50.)

One session with uni deep or Only touch medium peel. Including take home skin care products. £325

The course of four sessions to treat Melasma. Including take home skin care products. £475

Skin tag removal  £45

If multiple lesions for up to 10 skin tags £150

Age wart treatment per lesion  £79

Neck £365

Neck £365

Neck and Jawline £425

Lower face, Jawline and neck  £500

Full face £400

Full face and neck  £599

Décolletage  £299

Ultimate package ( Full face, neck and décolletage)  £650

Body contouring and skin tightening Arms BAT WINGS (both)  £350

Stomach  £400

Upper Thighs (both)  £550

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