by Dermedicare30 July 2020

Our clinic opened on 2 July and we were delighted to meet all our clients again - and to welcome new ones as well. Of course, our priority is to deliver a first class aesthetics service and at the same time maintain covid safety for everyone.

We have adopted new ways of working that are proving to be effective, safe and convenient to clients. Initially, we are arranging video consultations to discuss and identify what treatments may be appropriate.

During the initial consultations we have the ability to upload images and receive electronic documents - such as consent forms. We can also easily and conveniently receive electronic payments. This reduces admoinistration time needed in the clinic.

Our clinic is meticulously and comprehensively covid safe. We are used to a working in a strict clinical environment, but no chances are taken in a covid-19 scenario. Prior to attending the clinic, clients are screened for symptoms.

In the clinic, clients wear a protective mask. Where facial treatment is undertaken, this is necesasarily removed during treatment. The clinician will always wear appropriate medical grade Personal Protective Equipment.

All visits to the clinic are by appointment only and time gaps between appointments allow us to avoid the possibility of contact between clients. During the gap, we carry-out disinfection processes

The safety of clients and staff is of paramount importance to us and you can be reassured that we have taken all necessary measures to ensure safe working practices. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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